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Bob City Rare
The Cassette Archives Vol. 1

Bob City was a band known mostly in and around Columbus, OH between 1997 and 2002.  At a time when bands like The Verve Pipe and Limp Bizkit were shipping millions of  CD's around the world, Bob City did their best to sound like AC/DC, Motorhead and ZZ Top.  Playing to packed Columbus dives like Bernies, Ruby Tuesday and Bourbon Street, the band grew a steady following of devoted friends and fans, all eager to pump their fists to the riff du jour. No one in the band had a cell phone and the world had yet to be conquered by the internet. Small stints on the road saw Bob City take their high-flying show to places like Omaha, Atlanta, New York and Chicago, but sadly they called it quits before making good on their dream of truly going nationwide.

This collection marks Bob City's first two line-ups, commonly referred to as Mach I and Mach II, and spanning the years 1997-2000.  It is drawn entirely from cassettes and includes some early demos of songs that later made it to formal release, some songs that didn't, and some that were never meant to.  The band members for Mach I and Mach II include:

Jeremy Hoar – Vocals (Mach I)
Justin Tesa – Vocals (Mach II)
Brad Swiniarski – Drums
Patrick Murphy –Guitar
Joachim Kearns – Guitar
Donovan Roth - Bass

This is the story behind the story. One of cassette 4-tracks, cheap beer, fast food and hot licks.  This is Bob City Rare. 

1. Bob City Live (Brad) – The theme song to Bob City, The Series had there ever been one.

2. Ready To Burn Demo (Pat, Justin, Brad, Joachim, Donovan) – The first song written for the Mach II line-up, and the first recording featuring Tesa on vox. 

3. Swamp Buggy Racing Demo (Jeremy, Pat, Brad, Donovan) – Recorded by Jason Frederick in Athens, OH, this is the first recording of Bob City Mach I. 
4. Nightcrawlers (Brad, Joachim) – The band's only attempt at a dance single.  Unfortunately, it never took off.

5. Leaves Are Falling (Mean Mustang Lightning) – BC's spiritual leader, this is one of the few known audio recordings of this mysterious drifter. 

6. Right Where It Counts (Jeremy, Pat, Brad, Joachim, Donovan) – Recorded by Scott Waters, this is an earlier version than the take that would appear on Hard Ball. 

7. Hardest Working Man  (Brad) – Brad's tribute to Donovan.  Features the one-man Swinski band in fine form.

8. Giggy Buford's Knife Demo (Brad, Pat, Joachim) – Recorded in Jeremy's parents garage, Delaware, OH. 

9. Hard And Cold (Brad) – Ride the iron stallion. 

10. Open Tundra (Brad, Joachim) – Ride the saber tooth tiger through snow capped mountains of metal. 

11. Trouble With Sarah (Justin, Pat, Brad, Donovan, Joachim) – A revival of an oldie from the Kearns/Murphy songbook, back when Bob City was just an acoustic folk duo in Austin, Texas. 

12. Dead Man Demo (Pat, Brad, Joachim) – Recorded in Pat's parents basement, Delaware, OH.

13. Hard Way – (Brad, Pat, Donovan, Joachim) – Straight from the cutting room floor of the S/T Bob City CD.  Brad would later add the vox and guitar solo.

14. Untitled Demo (Players Unknown) – If anyone has any information about the origins of this demo please contact your local riff rescue hotline.  Really, does anyone remember this?

15. I Like Flowers (Mean Mustang Lightning) – The B-side to Leaves Are Falling.  

16. Jesse James (Joachim, Brad, Donovan) – Also a re-working from the Texas songbook.  Co-penned by Vic Whitney. 
17. Nevada Black (Pat, Joachim) – Original recording from Austin, TX circa 1996.  Long live old skinny

Download Bob City Rare Tracks 1-9
Download Bob City Rare Tracks 9-17
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